Prenatal Yoga at lil’ bean

Relax & prepare your body, mind, and spirit for childbirth


April 12th from 6:30-8:30pm (6 week series)


Crescence Krueger, Doula & Yoga Teacher

FEATURING – The only prenatal yoga class with birth preparation + 2 partner classes!

Childbirth is a miraculous doorway that opens us to a deeper knowledge, appreciation, and love of our bodies and ourselves. It is a profoundly beautiful human experience, but preparing for it can feel overwhelming and sometimes scary, especially for first-time parents, which is why Yoga Goddess offers a prenatal yoga and meditation class that also includes birth preparation and partner yoga. Pregnancy is the ideal time to honor your body, calm your mind and reconnect your spirit with a self-nurturing practice like this one.

Yoga Goddess’ is the one and only prenatal yoga class that gives you all the tools you need for an easier birth! Learn yoga postures to strengthen your confidence in your body’s ability to birth.  Practice deep breathing and relaxation to allow your body to work safely, naturally and more comfortably. Release the fear and tension that can interfere with the natural birthing process. Visualize a peaceful, calm and positive labor and birth of your baby.

Each class includes:

• Prenatal yoga for physical preparation
• Meditations and visualization for mental & spiritual preparation
• Practical childbirth education class discussions + birth preparationtechniques

Benefits of Yoga

1. Promotes calmness, concentration and will power.
2. Alleviates stress.
3. Help normalize blood sugar level and blood pressure.
4. Strengthens the immune system.
5. Helps unloosen pinched nerves.
6. Develops muscle tone, strength & flexibility.
7. Help normalize body weight.
8. Creates a greater sense of vitality and well-being.

“A body that is relaxed and calm conduces to mental peace”.

Attire & Equipment

1. Comfortable clothing for Yoga
2. Bare feet or socks
3. Yoga mat or towel
4. Bottled water (optional)


Classes are gently heated when necessary and incorporate yogic principles of rejuvenation:

1. Alternating tensing/stretching and relaxing.
2. Regulated and natural breathing.
3. Visualization.
4. Positive healing affirmation.

* Beginners are welcome in all adult classes, as levels are mixed and practice at their own pace.

*  Sessions for children also include songs, stories with morals, simple anatomy games and creative movement.

F.A.Q s

We believe that the practice of yoga can be of benefit to virtually anyone. But it’s not unusual for people new to yoga to have questions or concerns about whether yoga is right for them, or whether they are able to participate. Here, we address some of the most common questions we hear.

Q. I’m not very flexible; can I still do yoga?
A. Flexibility actually has little to do with whether or not you can practice yoga. Some people are born with natural flexibility, while others may have to work at it a bit. Regularly practicing yoga will increase anyone’s flexibility level. Understand, however, that increased flexibility itself is not yoga’s only objective, nor its only benefit. The ultimate benefit of yoga – to harmoniously unite body, mind, and spirit in a healthful physical practice – can be experienced regardless of whether you’re able to easily touch your toes! It is important to remember that the postures are tools to open the body, rather than goals to be achieved.

Q. I have a back (or shoulder, or neck, or knee) injury. What should I do?
A. Always feel free to introduce yourself to one of our instructors, and describe any injuries you might have. The instructor will then be able to advise you on how best to work around your problem area to avoid further injury. The instructor may also be able to suggest particular exercises that might help to bring increased mobility and healing to your injuries. In any event, listen to your body’s feedback. If anything you do in yoga feels painful or uncomfortable, you should “back off” immediately. Your instructor will most likely be able to recommend an appropriate alternative pose for you during the class. (You may also wish to discuss your desire to participate in yoga with your doctor, physical therapist, or other health professionals; in most cases, they will be very supportive and may be able to offer guidance on how to best avoid worsening your injury.)

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