Balance The Mother Load Book Club

Book Club Description

Do you consider yourself lucky when you have time to shave both legs?

Are you having a more intimate relationship with your smart phone than your spouse?

Do you look forward to your annual pap just to have some “me” time?

So many moms neglect themselves and their well-being because they think it’s the only way to take care of their family. After all, isn’t that what a “good mom” does?

Join Carly Cooper, life coach and author of Balance the Mother Load: R.E.I.N.V.E.N.T. Your Life in Just 8 Weeks! for an 8-week discussion on how busy moms can focus on getting back in touch with who they really are.

Week by week we will cover a chapter in the book in a very intimate and interactive manner, going over the exercises and questions featured in the book.

The topics that will be addressed are;

  • Redefine Motherhood
  • Envision Your Ideal Life
  • Improve your Relationships
  • Nurture Yourself
  • Vanquish Mommy Guilt
  • Expectation Overhaul
  • Nix Negativity Now
  • Time Management Tune Up

If you are struggling to balance your mother load, this book club is for you!
When: 8 weeks starting Monday, May 14- July 2nd
Time: 7:30-9pm

Where: Lil Bean and Green- 1133 Queen St. E. Leslieville, Toronto
Cost: $160 + HST (includes a copy of the book which you will receive ahead of time so you can read the first chapter before the first session).
To register, please email Carly Cooper at [email protected]
by Wednesday May 9th
Space is limited so register today!


Think about it – Reading Be of Service to Others?

When we think of reading, we often think of sitting and reading to our kids, or homework that our kids have now (or we had when we were in school) – read the assigned book, write a book report, take a test to make sure we really read it. Sometimes we think of reading the paper or a magazine or reference material to find information or to understand various contracts – especially the fine print. These are all normal, everyday ways that reading impacts our lives.

There is another, less often thought of the way in which reading can have a positive impact on our lives and an enormous impact on the lives of others. That way is reading in service to others.

How can reading be of service to others? Actually, this can happen in some very simple but meaningful ways. For instance, often a school or a church will take students or members on “reading field trips.” These field trips can be to various places, such as convalescent or nursing homes, hospitals, even senior citizens clubs. Some field trips visit the blind or other people who have reading barriers. How encouraging it is for an individual who might not be able to read to have someone bring the words to them. How comforting to have someone take the time to read to them and just be there with them for a short time. How enriching for the reader, too, to know he is helping someone by allowing them the gift of reading – especially if they can no longer read for themselves.

Reading can bring people together who might never have met. Perhaps a younger individual meets an elderly person by volunteering to read to them. There is no end to the information that the two could exchange and learn from one another. Perhaps a sighted person reads to a blind person. They will both be in a position to share information about one another’s experiences, perhaps bringing more compassion and understanding to one another.

The ideas could continue on. These are just a few to get folks thinking about how reading can be of service to others. Whether you are an individual wanting to give back or contribute something positive, or you are part of a church, school or community group, there are many ways you can be of service to others by reading. Take the time to think about it, talk about it and plan a reading activity. Not only will it be of service to others, it will enrich you and every person who participates – both readers and listeners.

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