meet April!

Lil’ Bean n’ Green first opened its doors to Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood in October 2009, and is the brain child of April Cook and Meray Mansour.

Before starting Lil’ Bean n’ Green, April had enjoyed a career in Corporate Interior Design for 12 years. The birth of her daughter Sophia in 2008 prompted her to re-evaluate her career and her desire to be in the corporate world, especially being a single parent.

April was inspired by cafés that she had seen in the East coast of Canada, and the renowned Moomah café in Manhattan. At the time, there were no truly parent-friendly cafés in Toronto. That’s where Lil’ Bean comes in. With its wholesome food selections, fabulous array of parent and child programs (including Mommy Connections East Toronto and Wholeplay), and, of course, its fabulous play area, the café provides parents with a stress-free place where they can interact with their children and each other.